Thursday, March 18, 2010

75-Year Plan

So I am holding true to my promise. I came back with better images. For those of you not familiar with these images, they are from Wes Anderson's first feature, Bottle Rocket. Dignan, a naive go-getter, creates them for Anthony (played by Owen and Luke Wilson, respectively). The information contained herein I think can be widely translated to plenty of lives, including my own, suggesting things like "develop outside interests," "wives and family- very crucial," and most relevant right now: "through a constant Regimen of Activities We begin to Learn a Craft." Amusing, but wise- a great combination. Click on them for larger versions.

(These are scanned from the Bottle Rocket Critereon Edition DVD, which is my way of jabbing at those that download/stream these things)

Maybe I should make one. If someone else does it, I will. Kevin...

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